Do you want to succeed with your business in Germany? Then you need to be a specialist in your field.

Our CEO, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, was interviewed by the German-Norwegian chamber of commerce. The interview was originally published by the German-Norwegian chamber of commerce, in both Norwegian and German.

Putting a tech buzzword under the microscope: AIoT – the artificial intelligence of things

Is the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things the new tech mega trend to rule the world? Not really, says Data Respons Solutions CTO Hans Christian Lønstad. AIoT is part of something much bigger.

The Importance of Refactoring

“If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it” the old adage goes, but when it comes to software engineering at least, this is poor advice — at best.
Anyone who has worked more than a few years in software development knows that one of the hardest sells is convincing your boss to allow time for refactoring and cleaning up the code. On the surface it may seem like a reasonable stance — after all, no project asked for the change, no customer is paying for it — so why would you waste time on it?


Data Respons welcomes Frobese to the family!

Data Respons welcomes Frobese GmbH as the latest additions to a growing family of niche tech companies in Europe. Frobese is a cooperative and successful team of experts specialized in software consulting for German banks and insurance companies.


IT Sonix, a Data Respons company, wins contract to develop platform for renewable energy trading

IT Sonix have been awarded a contract worth 2,5 million euros for developing the software for an international online platform that enables B2B energy trading.


Data Respons have signed the guide against green washing

Data Respons signed the guide to avoid green washing in Norway in early 2020 and has followed the instructions both in Norway and in our subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Taiwan. Now, as the guide launches internationally, we want to take a stand and promise that we will do our outmost to report honestly and be transparent about our biggest challenges regarding reducing emissions.


Data Respons subsidiary captures Swedish defence contract

The Swedish Data Respons subsidiary Sylog has won a contract in the integrated logistics support program for the Swedish Armed Forces Materiel Administration.


Hacking the home office

Europe is once again turning on the brakes, demanding strict social distancing and an extended use of home offices. We have been through it before and many of us have not been part of a physical work environment since March. Our CEO, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen has a few learning points that he wants to share on how the pandemic and the home office solutions is affecting us all.


Enabling a better future for homeless children in Nepal

For years Data Respons have supported homeless children in Nepal. Through our engagement we aim to develop basic infrastructure and prevent trafficking through education.

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