Connecting Cranes to The Cloud

Take a look at the image below. If the only thing you see is a crane with electronics in it, then you’re missing the big picture. These cranes are connected to the cloud by a gateway developed by Data Respons Solutions, which is a key enabler in Cargotec’s journey towards digitalisation.

Man in electricity pole

Monitoring the electric grid for a greener future

The Norwegian startup Heimdall Power is aiming to catapult the electric grid – designed 100 years ago – into the 21st century. How? By inventing the Power Neuron, a robust metal ball the size of a football, mounted on live wires. Inside the Neuron a sensor package is monitoring the wires and sending out early warnings, if line faults are about to happen. This unique real-time monitoring system enables grid owners to optimize their infrastructure and increase its capacity significantly

Telecom tower

Three software specialists on 5G opportunities

Goodbye wifi, goodbye cables. You’ll be left standing in the corner. 5G has arrived and it will take your place almost everywhere. But most importantly, 5G will enable software developers to design new experiences, services, and business opportunities harnessing the high bandwidth, low latency and virtually unlimited access provided by the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks.


Data Respons have signed the guide against green washing

Data Respons signed the guide to avoid green washing in Norway in early 2020 and has followed the instructions both in Norway and in our subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Taiwan. Now, as the guide launches internationally, we want to take a stand and promise that we will do our outmost to report honestly and be transparent about our biggest challenges regarding reducing emissions.


Data Respons subsidiary captures Swedish defence contract

The Swedish Data Respons subsidiary Sylog has won a contract in the integrated logistics support program for the Swedish Armed Forces Materiel Administration.


Hacking the home office

Europe is once again turning on the brakes, demanding strict social distancing and an extended use of home offices. We have been through it before and many of us have not been part of a physical work environment since March. Our CEO, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen has a few learning points that he wants to share on how the pandemic and the home office solutions is affecting us all.


Enabling homeless children in Nepal

For years Data Respons have supported homeless children in Nepal. Through our engagement we aim to develop basic infrastructure and prevent trafficking through education.


Get on your bike and plant a tree!

Our colleagues at our subsidiary IT Sonix want to do something more than avoid CO2 from cars, they want to actively give back. Per 1000 km biked, the company will plant a tree in damaged forests around Germany. Meet Carolin Kohl and Anne Schüßler. They work for Data Respons subsidiary IT Sonix, in Leipzig, Germany and are two of a growing number of sustainability coordinators around the Data Respons group, and a part of IT Sonix’ sustainability team.


Sylog assists with development of ‘Aid To It’ platform during Corona crisis

Sylog is doing its bit in the ongoing Corona crisis, lending its support to the Aid To It project, which is developing an aid resource coordination platform. With great success already achieved in the ‘Hack the Crisis’ competition, further development is now on the cards. We spoke to Therese Hansson Rosenqvist from Sylog Väst to find out more about the project.


Becoming carbon neutral

Global emissions must fall by 7.6% every year from now until 2030 to stay within the 1.5°C ceiling on temperature rises that scientists say is necessary to avoid disastrous consequences. One of Data Respons’ core values is to take responsibility, and we acknowledge that slowing down climate change is one of the greatest challenges we need to take on in our time. 

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