AKKA and Modis unite to build a global smart industry leader

The announced acquisition will form a global engineering and digital solutions powerhouse, with combined workforce of 50,000 engineers and digital experts with deep cross-sector expertise, a global footprint, balanced industry profile, and strongholds in higher growth sectors such as mobility and software & technology services.

Even small devices deserve a great interface

For devices that are not powerful enough to run a full feature browser or Android system, MicroDoc is developing a user interface framework directly integrated with the Graal virtual machine. Why? Because the number of small devices is increasing dramatically, and although they may be small and low powered they still deserve an up-to-date user interface.

Software for efficiency and co-operation – and a lighter footprint

Software is a key enabler for improving workflows and decision-making. Companies turn to our subsidiary Sylog for expert help in their effort to build future proof solutions and to integrate systems for optimized workflows and to maximize their use of resources. Here’s a look at some of the Sylog projects highlighting the power of software.


BrainCapture – When a smartphone can detect epilepsy

About 1 percent of the world’s population suffers from epilepsy. Many epilepsy patients in low- and middle-income countries do not receive the necessary treatment, even though the medicine is cheap. One of the reasons is that you do not have sufficient scanning equipment to make the correct diagnosis. The Danish company BrainCapture want to do something about that, and our subsidiary TechPeople provides hardware competencies for the project.


The industry is running at the highest gear

The Danish high-tech companies are racing off for full blasting. So does the consulting industry. Gilad Mizrahi’s first 6 months as Directing Manager of TechPeople have offered lots of challenges and new learning. And it’s going fast, we should say.

Man working on computer

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Six months into Data Respons France

We’ve had the chance to check in with Data Respons Frances’ General Manager, Guillaume Wolf, to see how it’s going 6 months after starting up a new office in Paris. Not only did the company launch during a global pandemic, but the Data Respons brand was also introduced into a new market – both of which represent a few challenges.


Internships at Data Respons

Creating a positive and engaging working environment, that attracts and keeps employees, is an important ambition for Data Respons. Our employees are our most important resources and as employer, we see it as our responsibility to continuously attract new talents and enable a great start into their careers. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience from working within ICT and explore what alternative specializations there are to pursue.

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Data Respons has signed the 10 Principles for a circular business

The bigger picture: why we should get serious about recycling and reusing
“Humans manufacture enormous amounts of materials, resulting in copious amounts of greenhouse gases, nearly a third of the total 51 billion tons we emit per year. We need to get those emissions down to Zero.” Bill Gates[1]

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