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Start this new year with some fresh insights. This edition is the perfect representation on how technology and software are eating every industry, company, product, process, and business model. But not only is digitalisation widening it’s grip on everything, but the process is also speeding up. And our specialists are a key component in accelerating the all-inclusive digital shift.


Six UX design trends you should know about

What is going on, where are we heading? Much is happening in the world of User Experience. We’ve asked two UX experts from IT Sonix about what to look out for – these are their six top picks for UX design trends.


Building a data infrastructure for automotive AI

It’s no secret that software is “eating” the automotive industry. According to some estimates, as much as 90 per cent of automotive innovation comes from software. Stefan Jahncke is one of the experts building the computing infrastructure needed to develop new AI-based solutions for the automotive sector.


Enabling young girls in Nepal to promote quality of life

Nepal is a small country in Asia and home to many of the world’s most famous mountains. However, it’s also among the world’s top ten poorest countries. Approximately 40% live below the poverty line and 47% of the population is unemployed.

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10 reasons to become a Data Respons specialist

As a newly educated software developer or engineer you are in a sweet spot since your skills are in high demand and they are applicable to almost every industry. We believe work is more fun when you get to jump from project to project across different customers, industries, technologies and even countries. To convince you to become A Data Respons specialist we have we’ve listed 10 reasons to why we think you should join us.


e-Trucks – the future is powered from above

Say hello to the pantograph, the ancient device invented in the 1890s that’s currently mounted on e-trucks on test tracks in Germany. Pantographs have been used on trains and trams to connect them to overhead wires, and it’s a key component in the future of road freight. Cable harness experts from inContext are designing the e-trucks’ wiring.

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DevOps – What does it really mean? And when are you “DevOps ready?”

DevOps is a buzzword that seems to be on everyone’s lips in the IT sector. Nowadays, it’s not “system administrators” who are in demand but “DevOps engineers”. Developers are increasingly using the buzzword “DevOps” when discussing the skills they need. Testers are supposed to “do DevOps”. And more and more companies are declaring that they themselves and their products are “DevOps ready”.

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