Cloud-based service cluster: Managing the testing of BMW’s electric vehicle components

Car manufacturers spend years of development and testing before they put a new car model into mass production. Everything is controlled and tested, to find the best possible solutions and to fix problems before the new model goes to the assembly line.


Car sharing – Easy on the outside, complex on the inside

Ease of use and seamless integration of services are crucial requirements, when you’re developing a car sharing app for young urban customers. They want everything rolled into one, delivered to them via an intuitive mobile phone user interface. To achieve that, it requires an astonishing complexity behind the scenes. Data Respons subsidiary IT SONIX makes it all work.


Fleet Management – platform, connectivity and interface for smarter and more efficient trucks

German Data Respons subsidiary MicroDoc knows a thing or two about making cars and trucks smarter. Over a period of 15 years, MicroDoc software experts have made significant contributions to fleet management systems, telematics platforms and infotainment systems for passenger cars and trucks.


5G from space, Industry 4.0 on water: The Internet of Things via satellite

The world of satellite communication is changing, promising more data throughput, broader coverage, and lower price per bit. And not least: new satellite constellations are coming. Specialists from the Data Respons subsidiary, TechPeople, are helping one of the leading global Satcom companies to stay ahead of the competition.


Electrifying the boat industry – a first for Data Respons

The Data Respons subsidiary, inContext, are experts in electrification and wire harnesses for the automotive industry. Now they’ve left their comfort zone to explore the sea of electrifying boats, developing the electric design of a hi-tech electric luxury cruiser on hydrofoils.




Meet Jan Schmidt – the mathematician turned software specialist

What does the everyday life of a software specialist actually look like? Do I go around telling other companies how they can do things better? What makes me the expert?


Six UX design trends you should know about

What is going on, where are we heading? Much is happening in the world of User Experience. We’ve asked two UX experts from IT Sonix about what to look out for – these are their six top picks for UX design trends.




Building a data infrastructure for automotive AI

It’s no secret that software is “eating” the automotive industry. According to some estimates, as much as 90 per cent of automotive innovation comes from software. Stefan Jahncke is one of the experts building the computing infrastructure needed to develop new AI-based solutions for the automotive sector.


Enabling young girls in Nepal to promote quality of life

Nepal is a small country in Asia and home to many of the world’s most famous mountains. However, it’s also among the world’s top ten poorest countries. Approximately 40% live below the poverty line and 47% of the population is unemployed.

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