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  • 2020 Integrated Report

    Another all-time high across the board

    Data Respons continued its long-term growth, making 2020 the year that marks 20%
    growth for 20 consecutive years, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons.

  • 2020 ESG Report

    2020 has been a challenging year for many, due to Covid-19 and all the consequences that followed from the pandemic.
    At the same time, we have seen increased interest for our ESG contents internally and externally. The emerging climate change,
    Covid-19 and new regulations, like the EU-taxonomy, functions like catalysators that have increased our, and the general,
    focus on sustainability.

  • Enabling the Young

    Young people are our future and we want to be a part of giving coming
    generations the best starting point possible and the ability to grow and
    prosper into educated, healthy and valuable individuals.

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Digital Twin – a concept worth exploring

The idea of creating a complete digital copy of a physical asset, system or device is a fascinating one. Having a virtual twin that is acting and aging exactly like its physical counterpart promises new insights into the condition and performance of a product, and may provide valuable knowledge for developing its next generation.

How human psychology affects software testing

Psychology is “The science of human experience and behavior”. This is a very broad definition. It begins with what a person thinks, feels, or how they express themselves through their actions. And finally, how groups behave and what effects occur in the interaction between people. Testing of software contains some stumbling blocks and peculiarities that are very predestined to trigger conflicts, because of social structures.

AKKA and Modis unite to build a global smart industry leader

The announced acquisition will form a global engineering and digital solutions powerhouse, with combined workforce of 50,000 engineers and digital experts with deep cross-sector expertise, a global footprint, balanced industry profile, and strongholds in higher growth sectors such as mobility and software & technology services.


10 reasons to become a Data Respons specialist

As a newly educated software developer or engineer you are in a sweet spot since your skills are in high demand and they are applicable to almost every industry. We believe work is more fun when you get to jump from project to project across different customers, industries, technologies and even countries. To convince you to become A Data Respons specialist we have we’ve listed 10 reasons to why we think you should join us.


Data Respons R&D Services has hired a record-breaking 40 new developers

While many companies have struggled during the pandemic and even had to reduce their workforce, Data Respons’ daughter company R&D Services had a different experience. Not only have they been able to land several new customers, they have also, due to the high demand for specialists, employed a total of 40 new developers this year. A new Data Respons record!


BrainCapture – When a smartphone can detect epilepsy

About 1 percent of the world’s population suffers from epilepsy. Many epilepsy patients in low- and middle-income countries do not receive the necessary treatment, even though the medicine is cheap. One of the reasons is that you do not have sufficient scanning equipment to make the correct diagnosis. The Danish company BrainCapture want to do something about that, and our subsidiary TechPeople provides hardware competencies for the project.


The industry is running at the highest gear

The Danish high-tech companies are racing off for full blasting. So does the consulting industry. Gilad Mizrahi’s first 6 months as Directing Manager of TechPeople have offered lots of challenges and new learning. And it’s going fast, we should say.

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Six months into Data Respons France

We’ve had the chance to check in with Data Respons Frances’ General Manager, Guillaume Wolf, to see how it’s going 6 months after starting up a new office in Paris. Not only did the company launch during a global pandemic, but the Data Respons brand was also introduced into a new market – both of which represent a few challenges.

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