• We live our values
    every day!


When taking total responsibility we mean helping our colleagues, getting involved, showing enthusiasm and being loyal.


Having an underlying will to succeed in everything we do. Desire to acquire new knowledge and exploring new ways to achieve our aim to be the best at what we do.



We strive to have an open-minded, inclusive and learning-based attitude and culture.


In Data Respons, crazy, non-standard ideas are valued. A good laugh and a sense of humour bring energy.

Sharing our knowledge

It is within the Data Respons mind set to share what you know with others who can benefit from it. We do that through our mentoring programs as well as through sharing our specialists in-depth knowledge in articles, presentations and technical talks. 

three guys having done a run

Staying in shape together

Our colleagues across the group help each other stay in shape by exercising together and challenging one another to take part in various sports events. These three guys represents our Swedish R&D company Sylog AB. In addition all employees within the group can take part in our InShape program where we motivate and reward being active in our daily lives.

Having fun

When working for a Data Respons company you will notice we bring a little madness to work. We try to have fun, either by bringing our sense of humour to the workplace or by participating in some of the activities that takes place locally. Some of us go on hiking trips, or we meet to have a beer and a round of bowling. A few people even meet to fly drones.