Street Children in Nepal

Enabling a better future for homeless children in Nepal

For years Data Respons have supported homeless children in Nepal. Through our engagement we aim to develop basic infrastructure and prevent trafficking through education.

Street Children in Nepal

Children in the streets of Nepal

Data Respons strongly believes that young people are our future and we want to be a part of giving coming generations the best starting point possible and the ability to grow and prosper into educated, healthy and valuable individuals. We call it Enabling the young

An example for how we approach this vision is how we have supported our daughter company Sylog’s engagement in the Swedish non-profit organization Gatubarn i Nepal (Street children in Nepal).

The long-term mission of the organization is to develop basic infrastructure in Nepal’s villages, put children to school and protect the future of young girls. And developing basic infrastructure contributes to reaching these UN’s development goals, amongst others:

Street Children in Nepal accomplishments:

  • 15 educated nurses, health assistants and skilled birth attendants educated
  • 4 students still in education at Medical College.
  • 4 other university students, 2 future social workers, 1 in IT, 1 engineer.
  • 20 school children provided for in orphanages.
  • 24 children in families receive help with schooling.
  • 18 children in slum areas receive both school and support.
  • Nearly 3,500 people, mostly young children and mothers have received food and medicines through special pandemic interventions.


“It is important for Data Respons to enable young people to have the best opportunities to grow and prosper!”
– Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO Data Respons