Data Respons has grown from being a small Norwegian tech company to become an international portfolio company with more than 1500 specialists across Europe. Through a combination of robust organic development and selected acquisitions we have managed to maintain an annual growth of 20%.


Data Respons established at Høvik in Norway with main business idea of engineering advanced specialist system solutions based on open standard technology.

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Established as a leading provider of embedded solutions in Norway with revenues of 50 million NOK. Expanding footprint in Norway through establishment of offices in Bergen and Trondheim.



First expansion outside Norway through the establishment of Data Respons in Denmark.



Continued expansion in Norway with office in Kongsberg, an important industrial cluster with high density of engineers. And expansion to Sweden through the establishment of Data Respons AB.

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Data Respons ASA listed on Oslo Stock Exchange in under the ticker DAT and
Data Respons OY established with office in Helsinki (Finland).
The group now employs 125 employees and has 7 offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Growth continues with revenues surpassing 150 million NOK.

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen


Kenneth Ragnvaldsen appointed CEO.

Business restructured to improve margins – new management team recruited – 52 % growth outside of Norway.

New vision:

“Leading in embedded solutions in Europe by 2010”


First step towards becoming a leading player in Europe taken through the establishment of Data Respons in Germany during the first quarter.

Photo of Rune Wahl

Rune Wahl appointed CFO and first bolt-on acquisitions completed.


The company continue to grow and reaches close to 400mNOK in revenues. FPGA specialist company Digitas AS was acquired further strengthening the services offering in Norway.


Strategic acquisitions include Lundinova AB in Lund (Sweden) and Ipcas in Erlangen (Germany). Two new offices established in Stavanger (Norway) and Västerås (Sweden).


Strategic acquisitions include Lundinova AB in Lund (Sweden) and Ipcas in Erlangen (Germany). Two new offices established in Stavanger (Norway) and Västerås (Sweden).


Data Respons positive development continues along with a shift towards a more software-oriented company profile and portfolio.
Data Respons established TechPeople A/S as a joint venture with 50% ownership.

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Growth continues and revenues passed 1 billion NOK.
Data Respons acquires 100% of the shares in MicroDoc Computersysteme GmbH.
The subsidiary Sylog AB completes three bolt-on acquisitions to strengthen its position in Sweden.

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Revenues continue to grow reaching 20% revenue growth. Data Respons acquires the remaining 50% shares in TechPeople A/S.

The same year, Data Respons acquires EPOS CAT, a German R&D service company for automotive IT and computer-aided testing.

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Data Respons acquires Germany based IT SONIX.


An all time high for Data Respons contributing to an 17% annual growth over the last 19 years.

Data Respons acquires Donat Group GmbH, a German R&D Services company headquartered in Ingolstadt, and inContext AB, a Swedish R&D Services company located in Stockholm.

The group now represents more than 1400 specialists and have multiple operations across Germany and the Nordics.

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AKKA Technologies acquires all the shares in Data Respons at an equity value of NOK 3.7 billion. The acquisition creates Europe’s largest digital solutions powerhouse.
Data Respons also Launched Data Respons France.


Data Respons acquires Frobese GmbH, located in Hanover, and specialized within fintech.

Data Respons wins The European Enterprise Awards “Best IoT Solutions & R&D Engineering Services Provider 2021”.
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The Adecco Group acquires AKKA Technologies, including Data Respons, and combines the business with its sub brand Modis to create Akkodis, the global #2 in the engineering R&D market with more than 50,000 engineering and digital experts.

and we continue every day to

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