An outlook towards 2047…

Where is Artificial Intelligence and robotics going, and what can we expect in terms of social challenges given a profound data driven society and AI enhanced abilities. Serial entrepreneur and researcher, Fredrik Bruhn, will give an inspirational presentation from a technical perspective on the exponential era facing the human spices reaching 2047 and beyond to. Join our Swedish colleagues at Sylog for a Future Outlook November 28th in Kista, Stockholm.

Fog networks, edge computing, and time sensitive networks are hot topics to provide 5G everywhere, including from space infrastructure with approximately 20 giant corporations controlling 90% of the world’s revenue streams.


Is this a market economy as we know it today? are we moving towards new borders, with large cities, or regions leaving the notion of countries and creating new areas of self governance. How will the peculiarity of the universe affect reliability of new electronics and communication solutions? Will particles from other galaxies affect our Industrial Internet of Things meshes as well as new colonies on the Moon and Mars?

If you want to join this event, register your seat at by November 23. Note limited seats available.

Helio – Time Building, Kistagången 12, Kista.

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Dr. Fredrik Bruhn

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn is an Earth based serial entrepreneur and scientist in robotics and avionics. As the 15th Swede since 1954, he became an Eisenhower Fellow in 2017 and used this fellowship to study AI, robotics, and automation in a 30 year perspective under 7 weeks. He has 100 meetings in the United States, spread over 9 states and 12 areas and covering premier academia, government agencies, small and large enterprises, and state and federal authorities. Fredrik has founded several academic spin-off companies ranging from satellite manufacturing, patrolling robots, and artificial intelligence driven Smart Factory automation solutions. He is an adjunct Professor at Mälardalen University and earned a Ph.D. and M.Sc. from Uppsala University in Microsystems technology (MEMS) and atomic and molecular physics respectively. He is also a graduate from the International Space University, Entrepreneur of the Year by EY and have been a guest researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.