Buzzing roof-top hive at Sylog

This summer our colleagues at Sylog Väst in Gothenburg are harvesting around 200 jars of honey from their roof-top bee hive! - We wanted to make a difference for the environment and contribute in a concrete way. Bees are important to our ecosystem and declining in numbers worldwide, so it was an easy choice to initiate this project, says Therese Hansson Rosenqvist, CEO Sylog Väst AB.

The Bee situation

Albert Einstein claimed that “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 90% of our food comes from crops around the world. 70% of them are pollinated by bees. And, for some crops, bees are the only pollinators that assist in plant reproduction. The biggest threats are insecticides, parasites, viruses, and climate change.

Competency a must!

– Beekeeping, like what we do at Sylog, demands niche competency. – In order to succeed we need to get it right from the start. That’s why we hired a professional Bee-partner to make sure the bees are kept safe and happy, Hansson Rosenqvist continues. There is now 40,000 bees on our roof-top, in just one hive!

Sustainability through technology

In addition to keeping bees, we use our specialist competence to assist our agricultural customers develop better solutions to improve food production and farming systems. Every year the Data Respons companies take part in more than 50 sustainable technology projects across all industries.