Chess has values an engineer has great use of

Data Respons has been a long time proud main sponsor of Stockholm Chess challenge. We want to inspire young people to become engineers and to work in our line of business.

– Chess is well known to help stimulate the development of strategic thinking, creativity and problem solving skills, all valuable characteristics for an engineer. Anyone can learn to play chess and we love fact that chess represents a common platform for young people to meet regardless of background, gender and age, says Anders Jansson, Sales Director of Data Respons Sweden.

Stockholm Chess Challenge kicks off on Monday April 30 until May 5 2018. Stockholm Chess Society & Stockholm Chess federation Stockholm, arranges the tournament at Stockholm Chess Salons.

Renowned Grandmasters attending the tournament are: Nikita Maiorov, Erik Blomqvist, Toms Kantans, Ori Kobo and Burak Firat.

Stockholm’s Chess Salons (Södermalm)