COVID-19 Update

Fighting a global pandemic have been challenging for all of us, and have required a new mind set, closer collaboration and a whole lot of understanding. In connection with the COVID-19 outbreak, Data Respons has implemented precautionary measures and protocols based on recommendations from official health authorities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our priorities in this situation are to safeguard our employees, sub-contractors, partners, suppliers and society at large. We are also working hard to keep our operations running, to help support customers with business-critical projects, products and services.

We have put in place contingency plans that allow our consultants to continue to provide services safely and in full compliance with decisions taken by the local health authorities.

We are already seeing a slow return to “normal” business in Asia. We are therefore offering our sourcing office in Taiwan to all relevant business partners who has trouble with their supply chain from Asia to Europe.

Data Respons has a strong focus on maintaining sufficient capacity in terms of people and resources to responsibly mitigate the situation, and will closely monitor events in the coming weeks and months.

This pandemic is chance for everyone to live by one of our core values; Take responsibility – and stay safe.