Data Respons at High Tech Summit 20 – 21 September

High Tech Summit, part conference part exhibition, is held at The Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen on the 20.-21. september and focuses on the digitialisation of the Danish industry. Data Respons is located at stand #31.

Come listen to Dr. Christian Kuka’s (from Data Respons’s subusidiary MicroDoc) business talk Why you should care about software technology for your next IoT product” at the conference scene in the exhibition hall on Thursday 21st. This talk will look at some challenges which are unique to IoT business models and how modern software technology can be used to address them.  We will discuss how and why managing different product generations is so important and why it is so difficult; we will also look at how to handle huge amounts of data and why security can not be retrofitted and must be part of the product design. The speech is part of the Business inside Technology track and is held after the lunch break and networking session.

The event is held at DTU, Technical University of Denmark
DTU Lyngby Campus, Main Building 101A, Oticon, S-huset and the main hall.
The street address is Anker Engelunds Vej 1, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby.


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