Data Respons is proudly sponsoring Stockholm Chess Challenge for young international talents!

- Chess is an intellectual game and the greatest players must think, and plan ahead to win. This is much like Data Repons, driven by competence and cutting edge technological experience we help our customers to provide value and maybe they will win their game, says CEO of Data Respons, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen.

Anna Cramling, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, Åsa Grübb-Weinberg and FIDE Grandmaster Pia Cramling.
Photo: Lars O A Hedlund. From the Left: Anna Cramling, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, Åsa Grübb-Weinberg and FIDE Grandmaster Pia Cramling.

– During this championship, the finest young talents will compete and gain valuable experience for their future chess journey, and it’s a game that teaches you useful skills such as problem solving and strategy that our specialist use every day. In addition, being a part of this global challenge bringing young talents together, fits well with Data Respons values of having fun whilst performing. We wish all the contestants the very best of luck in the challenge and for their games to come.

Interview with
Kenneth Ragnvaldsen

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen being interviewed at Stockholm chess Challenge 2018        

The event is organized by the Stockholm Chess Society and Stockholm Chess Federation and sponsored by Data Respons third time running. The tournament runs from 30th April to 5th May at the Stockholm’s Chess Salons in Sodermalm in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. The tournament is open for players born on 1993 or later and with a minimum rating of 2200 ELO.

Kenneth RAgnvaldsen, Jung Min Seo, Åsa Grûbb-Weinberg at Stockholm Chess Challenge 2018
Photo: Lars O A Hedlund. CEO at Data Respons, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, Swedish chess talent, Jung Min Seo and Åsa Grûbb-Weinberg from Data Respons in Stockholm at Stockholm Chess Challenge 2018. Jung Min Seo is only 15 years old, and is already playing the Swedish championship (SM) in Ronneby this summer.

> Chess has values an engineer has great use of