Data Respons loves chess

Data Respons Sweden has signed a three-year main sponsoring contract with the Swedish Chess Academy and Sylog has signed a one-year co-sponsoring contract.

About Stockholm Chess Challenge

During March 8 – 13, Stockholm Chess Challenge (SCC) is arranged by the Chess Academy in Kista. Talented chess players in the ages between 14 and 20 from all around the world are invited to participate. The tournament is broadcasted live.

During the days of the competition, there will be many other activities and among those, YABS (Young Aces by Sylog) who in arranging a chess robot programming competition. Among the members you find well-known business leaders from the finance and industry sectors in Sweden, among others co-founder of EQT Jan Ståhlberg, Chairman of the Board at Trelleborg AB Sören Mellstig, astronaut Christer Fuglesang and last but not least, our former colleague Peter Holmgren.

– To give Swedish chess talents this opportunity feels amazing, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Data Respons and Sylog whose efforts have been crucial to the realisation of this dream, says Tony Apéria from the Swedish Chess Academy.

Chess has values an engineer has great use of

– We would like to inspire young people to become engineers, or to work in “our” world. Chess stimulates the development of strategic thinking, creativity and the ability of problem solving, all valuable characteristics for an engineer.

Mats Andersson, Sales and Marketing Director at Data Respons Sweden, and Erik Rosén, Sales Manager at Sylog note:
–Data Respons and Sylog want to do what we can to encourage young people to discover and choose the engineering profession. Chess encourages strategic thinking, creativity and problem solving, properties that an engineer has great use of. Thinking of the development in the world lately, it therefore feels extra good to support chess because anyone can learn to play regardless of background, gender or age.



Tony Apéria from the Swedish Chess Academy sealing the deal with Mats Andersson, Sales and Marketing Director at Data Respons Sweden and Erik Rosén, Sales Manager at Co-sponsor Sylog.