Data Respons supports SU Business Model Cup for a sustainable future

The SU Business Model Cup is an arena where students and researchers compete presenting the best sustainable or renewed business model.

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons ASA, was on the jury board of the competition; — This competition encourages sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, and I believe the world needs young people to be bold and bring new thoughts and ideas to the table in order make a difference, says Ragnvaldsen.

SU Business Model Cup is an annual competition arranged by SU Innovation Office, Stockholm Business School, SU Incubator and Venture Cup in cooperation. Data Respons was one of the event sponsors as a part of our “Enabling the Young” program and focus on sustainability through technology. Supporting these type of events is important to Data Respons as we want to take our responsibility in moving forward to a more sustainable world. Young people is the future and they need support to develop ideas and solutions that can decrease our carbon footprint.

There were one first prizewinner and two runners up in each of the two categories Best Sustainable Business Model and the Best Renewed Business Model. Congratulations to them all.


Most Sustainable Business Model

The winner of the most Sustainable Business Model was Enerpoly presented by Dr. Mylad Chamoun. Enerpoly wants to make rechargeable Zinc-ion batteries from abundant and environmentally friendly materials.

Best Renewed Business Model

The winner of the Best Renewed Business Model was the student project “Max Shake” presented by Stockholm University students, Johanna Holmström and Beatrice Erixon. Their aim is to reduce food waste and create a wholesome shake with a significantly lower carbon footprint than milk-based shakes.

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