Enabling the Young – Sustainability through technology

As a part of Data Respons’ program, “Enabling the Young”, we are sponsoring three events in Stockholm that focus on giving young people opportunities. — Our aim with this program is to be an enabler for young people to thrive and succeed, whether it is in sports, education or other aspects of life. This is deeply embedded in our company values, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons ASA.

Photo: O A Hedlund. From the left: Ted Gemzell from the Swedish Chess Association, Kenneth_Ragnvaldsen and Åsa-Grübb Weinberg from Data Respons and Tony Aperia from the Swedish Chess Society


Stockholm University Business Model Cup 2019

The SU Business Model Cup is an arena where students and researchers compete presenting the best sustainable business model. Data Respons’ CEO, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen is on the jury board of the competition; — This challenge encourages sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, and I believe the world needs young people to be bold and bring new thoughts and ideas to the table in order make a difference, says Ragnvaldsen.

The event was at the Stockholm Central Station on April 25. 9.30 – 12.00

Images from the event

Winner of the best sustainable business model competition, Mylad Chamoun from Enerpoly
Winners of the best renewed business model, Johanna Holmström and Beatrice Erixon from Stockholm University

Second prize winner for the best renewed business model, Laura Berglund and Nawar Alolabin from Stockholm University
Co-founder of Ribbaci explains how they aim to reduce the clothing industries’ carbon footprint through clothing made from hemp.

Stockholm Chess Challenge 

— It is important for Data Respons to enable young people to grow their talent and create arenas for them to prosper, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen. The Stockholm Chess Challenge is the perfect place and maybe we will discover the next Magnus Carlsen, Ragnvaldsen continues.

Another important reason why we are engaged in this tournament is that the type of skills chess players use are very similar to those we are looking for in our specialists at Data Respons. We want employees who are able to focus, think analytically and tactically and who has stamina and courage, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen.

The event is hosted at Stockholm Chess Salons April 26. – May 1.


Business for diversity and integration

This event supports and encourages diversity. It starts by having young students, from a multicultural school in a suburb to Stockholm, challenge GM Pia Cramling. Afterwards, the students are to play chess in teams together with representatives from business in Stockholm.

The event was at the Stockholm Central Station  April 25. 12.30 – 16.00



Video from last years business for diversity and integration event