2020 has been a challenging year for many, due to Covid-19 and all the consequences that followed from the pandemic. At the same time, we have seen increased interest for our ESG contents internally and externally. The emerging climate change, Covid-19 and new regulations, like the EU-taxonomy, functions like catalysators that have increased our, and the general, focus on sustainability.

Executive Summary

ESG is important to us for several reasons:

We believe in our impact to sustainability through technology. We have unique possibilities to enable solutions that save resources, enable more equality and better life quality.

Further, we already see that going this path, is a real competitive advantage, and we aim to be leading in the green revolution.

Lastly, doing our part to reach the sustainable development goals is a crucial requirement for both our existing employees and potential new employees.

Ramping up the measurements

This year we have gone a step further in measuring our carbon emissions. Last year we measured Scope 1 and 2. for the first time. This year we have also measured a complete Scope 3 picture and are measuring more of our value chain does inevitably increase our overall emission number. Hence, we are not closer to becoming carbon neutral, but we have become more transparent, and we have increased our possible impact by increasing our carbon measurement.

Measuring the total amount of carbon our products and services generate creates a much better understanding of our actual carbon footprint. It also allows to engage more parts of our value chain. Thus, creating more change.

Diversity in numbers

Not just reporting

Through our ESG-reporting we have learned that our family of companies in many cases are champions of green growth. Every year we are mapping the number of customer projects that directly affect the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Year after year the number of green projects is increasing. As digitalisation is becoming the key factor in any sector, our companies are branching out and increasingly working on projects related directly to sustainability. This report enables us to regularly map relevant projects and understand how large our combined positive footprint is.

Changing the company, one report at the time

We are serious about this commitment. We are changing the company; one ESG-report at the time. This is because reporting puts important issues on the agenda and thus creates more awareness among key employees. Reporting provides us with a solid foundation in our external and internal communication on all ESG issues. Reporting creates credibility and reporting routines ensures that we track progress, discover challenges and get an opportunity to connect and discuss how to be better with our colleagues.