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Quality, Environment, Occupational, Health and Safety

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Quality Mission

Our mission is to strengthen our customers’ competitive power by providing the best solutions.

Quality Policy

We will continuously improve to provide R&D Services and Solutions that fulfill or exceed our customer, employees, partners and other relevant interested parties expectations in terms of quality, ethical/social conduct and long-term sustainability.

OHS Policy and Mission

We shall work systematically to prevent injuries and sickness amongst our employees. Our goal is to ensure a safe work environment for all our employees.

We shall strive to continuously improve our OHS rules and ensure that they will comply with applicable law and regulations in the countries we operate in. Data Respons shall set clear goals of which we will be measured by regularly.

OHS is a management responsibility and each management is responsible for meeting Data Respons OHS goals, ensuring work being executed according to our OHS rules and regulations.

In order for us to meet our OHS goals, each employee is him/herself responsible for working within Data Respons’ Code of Conduct.

Environmental policy & targets

  • We shall, as a company, comply with all relevant environmental legislation as well as Data Respons internal environmental requirements.
  • We shall design and deliver solutions that comply with all relevant environmental legislation, environmental requirements from customers, requirements from other interested parties as well as Data Respons internal environmental requirements, and make sure that products and solutions can be recycled or disposed of safely at the end of product life.
  • We shall select transportation of goods and people with knowledge about and a goal to contribute to reduced pollution and CO2 emissions. This includes extensive use of new technology in communication, to reduce unnecessary business travel.
  • We shall contribute in product development of embracing technology that address and solve environmental challenges.
  • We shall continuously improve our processes in order to prevent pollution and secure a sustainability operation.

Data Respons aims to conduct technology projects contributing to a more sustainable world, especially those making the world greener, stronger, smarter and more equal. 

ISO Certification

The trend and development towards serial deliveries of Embedded Solutions creates new requirements for quality assurance. The ISO-certification acts as a safeguard and guarantees that the customer receives a high quality product or service. In this sense, quality assurance is an internal tool which benefits the end-user.

Data Respons’ certificates

ISO9001 2015

ISO14001 2015

ISO9001 appendix

ISO14001 appendix

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