20 blood tests in a day without hospitalisation

Fluisense's wearable and fully automated blood sampling system, Fluispotter®, is a unique new technology to be used for collection and storage of up to 20 serial blood samples in 20 hours with minimal stress for the patient.

Fluispotter is programmable and will collect the samples according to individually designed sampling schedules decided by the user. Drops of blood are dispensed onto a roll of special paper at a requested rate, and can subsequently be analyzed one by one.

The consultants from Data Respons subsidiary, TechPeople, have primarily developed the brush-less engine unit and blood circulation control in the catheter and valve that opens and closes for access to blood sampling. At the same time, they have developed and designed the user interface for programming the device and concluded in the preparation of requirements specifications, tests, software audit control, etc.

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The Fluispotter automated blood sampling system will enable better medical research and more accurate diagnostics. The device also impacts a more sustianable healthcare as it enables this type blood surveillance without hospitalising the patient, saving money and hospital beds.