Our History

Data Respons was established in 1986. The business idea was to build advanced, specialist system solutions based on open standards.

Five years earlier, in 1981, the technological revolution began that formed the basis for Data Respons’ existence. In that year, the first important industrial bus standard, VMEbus, was introduced. It specified a common interface for PCB-based modules. This made it possible to build advanced, specialist system solutions based on standard products.

With the spread of industrial standards, there was a need for new specialist expertise to realise and build total solutions. The founders of Data Respons started the company on the basis of this need. It was soon obvious that there were major synergies by combining expertise in design, development and integration with distribution of standard products. This was, and is, unique on the market, which otherwise consists of specialist consultants and pure “box-mover” distributors. The unique aspect of our concept is that it puts the customer at the centre. Customers can get a holistic solution with all necessary expertise from one source.

The trend towards basing products on standard computer solutions has continued to increase right up to today. Most large technology-based companies have this as a central part of their strategy. Data Respons has been involved in this development from the start and has acquired unique experience and a unique position in this market. The common international term for this market is “embedded solutions”.