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Creating value by bridging legacy system with the latest technologies

The financial industry is undergoing comprehensive digitalization, automating as many processes as possible to stay competitive.

However, the emergence of fintech companies requires further adoption in all aspects of the value chain. For several traditional players, this means a total remake of their system infrastructure to a modern, software and cloud-based framework to offer customers flexible and platform independent services and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) to support key decision processes to stay competitive.

Data Respons is working with leading technology providers to enable state of the art software and infrastructure supporting efficient operations. Our specialists have unique experience in bridging legacy systems with the latest value adding software.

Our Specialists

Photo of Dirk Frobese

Dirk Frobese

Managing Director | Frobese

Photo og Florian Öhlschlegel

Florian Öhlschlegel

Managing Director | MicroDoc

Photo of Johan Jacobsson

Johan Jacobsson

Managing Director | Sylog