Helping to implement industry 4.0 technology across medical services and products

Smarter and more innovative products and solutions will transform the enormous healthcare industry into a high-tech sector.

Digitalisation of patient records and workflows, data analytics and AI supported patient diagnostics (patient self-care), advanced simulation and training systems, and robot-assisted surgeries are all fast-growing technology areas that will improve healthcare quality and lower costs of service.

Developing devices and systems within the medical and life sciences requires an understanding of and experience in living up to tough criteria on EMC/ESD designs, as well as certification and documentation in compliance with government regulations. Data Respons has delivered several certified systems, applications, and simulation equipment to leading players in the medtech industry.

Our Specialists

Photo of Tommy Vanman

Tommy Vanman

Managing Director | Techpeople

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Jørn Toppe

Managing Director | Data Respons Solutions