Smarter, safer and more sustainable transportation

Electrification, autonomous driving and all-embracing vehicle connectivity is fundamentally changing the way we move goods and people around, and the digitalisation of mobility has the potential to help us handle the huge challenges the world is facing regarding urbanisation, sustainability and climate change.

In our effort to digitalise, connect and automate every aspect of mobility, we need to handle steeply increasing system complexity, cyber threats, new business models, and lawmaking issues, just to name a few of the many obstacles ahead.

As experts in embedded and IoT solutions, and a trusted and experienced technology partner to the transport and automotive industry, at Data Respons we face these challenges on a daily basis.

Our Specialists

Photo of Martin Lampinen

Martin Lampinen

Managing Director | inContext

Photo of Jan Landmann

Jan Landmann

Managing Director | IT Sonix

Photo og Florian Öhlschlegel

Florian Öhlschlegel

Managing Director | MicroDoc