Space, Defence & Security

Group of People in Mission Control Center Witness Successful Space Rocket Launch. Flight Control Employees Sit in Front Computer Displays and Monitor the Crewed Mission.

Providing expertise and technology that allows for new and better capabilities

Across the globe technology is opening doors and creating challenges among the armed forces when it comes to new capabilities and new threats.

Big Data, robotics, unmanned systems, connected objects, broadband networks, cloud computing, augmented reality, augmented vision and immersive displays, and of course cybersecurity is creating a new operational environment for everyone.

Data Respons has extensive know-how and experience with R&D development in this sector including military standards, environmental stress factors, security and government requirements. Our customers are leading global companies that supply turn-key systems to various sections of the defence industry and armed forces.

Our Specialists

Photo of Johan Jacobsson

Johan Jacobsson

Managing Director | Sylog

Photo of Jørn Toppe

Jørn Toppe

Managing Director | Data Respons Solutions

Photo of Ivar A. Melhuus Sehm

Ivar A. Melhuus Sehm

Managing Director | Data Respons R&D Services