10 reasons to become a Data Respons specialist

As a newly educated software developer or engineer you are in a sweet spot since your skills are in high demand and they are applicable to almost every industry. We believe work is more fun when you get to jump from project to project across different customers, industries, technologies and even countries. To convince you to become A Data Respons specialist we have listed 10 reasons to why we think you should join us.

  • Published: 23. September 2021
  • By: Sebastian Eidem, Chief Communication Officer at Data Respons
10 reasons to become a Data Respons specialist

1. Diversity

As a Data Respons specialist you will work on a range of projects, with a variety of colleagues and clients. You will gain experience across sectors, industries and even places, as many projects also offer opportunities to travel.

2. Career opportunities

You will be given responsibility early on as well as the opportunity to work with senior colleagues and clients. Progression is in your hands; there are lots of opportunities to grow. And you will become a specialist and a multi-tool that can work a wide range of problems in every industry.

3. Business understanding

As a specialist you will work with customers from both the public and private sector. You will tackle different challenges and experience different cultures and people in every customer project. Those experiences will make you able to better understand how different businesses functions/operate, but also how to connect with different personalities and roles. A skillset that can be transferred to any job.

4. Training

In Data Respons you will experience support and opportunity for learning and development. Fast paced projects mean you’ll learn a lot on the job and continue to develop throughout your career. As well as developing both technical and soft skills. You will also learn from what your colleagues are doing on other projects.

5. Collaborate with talented people

In our company we only recruit talented people with mindsets that match with our values. You will be working with talents on their way to become specialists or senior specialists that have skills sets few others have.

6. Meaningful work

We help our customers solve complex challenges that in turn creates new services, processes, and products all over the world. We work mostly on cutting edge technology and rarely on legacy systems. Hence the projects you work on are part of the digital transitions that move the world forward.

7. Flexible work arrangement

For the last two years our specialists have mostly worked from their homes. And using your home to focus and getting things done will still be a possibility. However we can guarantee that nothing beats solving problems and creating the next technology together with your colleagues, face to face in the office.

8. Part of a work culture that emphasize physical activity

We are strong believers in staying active. An active body fosters an active mind in our experience. Our colleagues across the group help each other stay in shape by exercising together and challenging one another to take part in various sports events. It builds social connections that enables even better teamwork.

9. You’ll get to work a very wide range of technologies

We develop everything from sensor level to the mobile app, making us a good partner for our customer’s digital transitions. Which also means that you can follow a project from the drawing board to the end user, and work on every technology that’s used in the process. Also, if you want to you can work with UX designers, software developers, hardware engineers, agile coaches, and bunch of other specialists across our group of companies.

10. You’ll be part of an international group of specialized tech companies that’s breaking records every year

Data Respons have 12 companies and more than 1,400 specialists across Europe. Every year we are growing our business in terms of people, projects, and revenue. If you want to be part of an international winning team in the forefront of the tech sector, look no further!


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