Sylog assists with development of ‘Aid To It’ platform during Corona crisis

Sylog is doing its bit in the ongoing Corona crisis, lending its support to the Aid To It project, which is developing an aid resource coordination platform. With great success already achieved in the ‘Hack the Crisis’ competition, further development is now on the cards. We spoke to Therese Hansson Rosenqvist from Sylog Väst to find out more about the project.

  • Published: 3. May 2020
  • Company: Sylog

The Corona crisis has led to a slew of non-profit initiatives getting underway across Sweden. One problem with this, however, is a lack of any overview, with no obvious point of contact for anyone wishing to contribute resources, and those needing assistance not knowing where to get the help itself.

The ‘Hack the Crisis’ competition, the purpose of which was to highlight and find new solutions in the ongoing crisis, was initiated by the Swedish government at the beginning of April. Sylog, with their partner Nidulus, took part with a number of qualified system developers. These contributed to the Aid To It project, a coordination platform for aid resources, which came in 26th out of the total 120 entries in the competition.

In April, the project also came in in third place in its category in EUvsVirus, providing opportunities to be matched with investors around the EU.

Photo of Therese Hansson Rosenqvist

Therese Hansson Rosenqvist, CEO of Sylog Väst, was the individual behind Sylog’s participation. She feels the project in itself is very important, as well as taking the view that Sylog should be involved and contributing their expertise. As she told us, it represents an opportunity for the company to do its bit for the crisis.

What makes for a successful team on this kind of project?

“It’s important that personal commitment and the desire to really make a difference are motivating factors. Also: a desire and the courage to work with strangers, the ability to set targets as necessary and create project solutions, and allowing everything to take shape and listening to each others’ input. Later in the work process itself, the team needs to formulate a common goal sooner rather than later, using an agile development methodology to reach the necessary target.”

What significance did the competition take on for those involved?

“The participants gained a lot of new contacts across the country, from different regions, councils and companies. The competition gave them new perspectives and an increased understanding of the challenges facing the world. It also helped us to realise how much people want to help each other. Concern for fellow mankind, to which IT companies got to contribute, in other words. Many different professions are doing important work in this crisis and together, across the different domains, we can work wonders.”

What are Sylog’s plans for the project going forward?

“AID IT TO has already been presented to Skåne County Council and the RISE research institute, among others. Working with these, plus with funding from Vinnova, the ‘AID IT TO – preparation of test bed project’ initiative is now underway.”

The joint Sylog and Nidulus team that took part consisted of Christoffer Hansson, Muhammad Ikram Ul Haq, Bojan Alempijevic and Boban Alempijevic.