AKKA and Modis unite to build a global smart industry leader

The announced acquisition will form a global engineering and digital solutions powerhouse, with combined workforce of 50,000 engineers and digital experts with deep cross-sector expertise, a global footprint, balanced industry profile, and strongholds in higher growth sectors such as mobility and software & technology services.

  • Published: 28. July 2021
Skyscrapers seen from the ground
It is very exciting that Data Respons, with its specialist profile, will be a part of a global market leader in technology and digital engineering, a trusted partner to the world’s leading companies, with an ability to capture the accelerating demand for digital transformation through its smart Industry focus. Data Respons has always been a customer and technology driven company with a decentralised business model and a people-oriented culture. This stays firm and in addition Data Respons will be a part of the world’s second largest player in the engineering R&D market. This will create more opportunities for our engineers, who will access a larger playing field to continue to innovate alongside our customers and keep expressing their passion for technology. – Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons