Digital banking – Enabling the move from legacy to state-of-the art

Our client needed help with a migration of a largescale legacy loan system to a new system and provider. Alongside the migration, the complete integration in the banking platform needed to be rebuilt for the new loan software as part of a long-term program to redesign the core banking infrastructure.

  • Published: 24. October 2021
  • Company: Frobese
Digital banking


Data Respons offered in depth banking and financial service industry expertise, in addition to having knowledge of the specific customer environment. We had teams available with industry expertise in large scale core banking transformations. Also, our development teams were able to be on-site to collaborate.

We took over responsibility for the complete task of cut over management including centralized organization, planning, and tracking over all participating projects and units. This included 7 full blown test runs over the complete project duration and finally managing go live from start to finish.

We took responsibility for design, implementation, test and sign off for the bulk share of system integration to surrounding systems of the new loan software.

We staffed project managers with experience from big scale transformation projects, team leads, agile consultants, business analysts and software developers for the system integration tasks in the project.

Throughout the project we worked with agile methods in development of complex system integration tasks.

In the end the project ensured that our client is now set to embed new technologies, capabilities and better data science into their digital banking platform. Thus, opening doors to better customer experiences, new business models and improved reliability.

Computer programmer working on new software program