Flexible infotainment system

Data Respons is a specialist within Digitalisation of the cockpit and infotainment systems of cars and trucks. Innovation and technology advances are making the industry more advanced with additional sensors, more embedded software and increased demand for data processing. Furthermore, the introduction of always-connected vehicles is enabling a broad range of new value adding services.

  • Published: 14. March 2021
  • Company: MicroDoc
Futuristic Concept: Stylish Businessman Using Navigation App on an Augmented Reality Dashboard with Financial News Broadcast while Sitting in an Autonomous Self-Driving Zero-Emissions Electric Car.

One of our automotive clients designed a high-level abstraction layer for the implementation of a modular infotainment software (MIB) across all their car brands

Data Respons developed optimized Java™ Virtual machines and additional components to all tier-one suppliers in order to enable seamless integration with the modular infotainment software (MIB).

Futuristic vehicle concept. Autonomous car. Driverless vehicle.

We also delivered a flexible software stack that responds to the requirement of the automotive product lifecycle. Furthermore, we delivered software, system analysis and consulting services throughout the project.

In the end Data Respons provided customized Java™ Virtual machines to abstract hardware and operating systems for the application developers, and on top of that we supported the development of additional optimized software stacks for graphics and communication.