Get on your bike and plant a tree!

Carolin Kohl and Anne Schüßler works for Data Respons subsidiary IT Sonix, in Leipzig, Germany. Carolin is a skilled Software developer and Anne is one of our experienced UI designers. In addition to their technical jobs, they are two of a growing number of sustainability coordinators around the Data Respons group, and a part of IT Sonix’ sustainability team.

  • Published: 2. September 2020
  • Company: IT Sonix
The forester grows a tree. Farmers are planting trees.

Sustainability Ambassadors

As a part of Data Respons’ ESG strategy each company have identified a sustainability ambassador, or in IT Sonix’ case, two, who coordinate the company’s efforts for a more sustainable operation. Earlier this year Data Respons completed and presented their first ever CO2 mapping, followed by an ESG report, outlining goals and ambitions for becoming carbon neutral.

  • The colleagues here at IT Sonix are highly motivated to do what we can to decrease our carbon impact. To start with, we have replaced our office energy agreement to one that is based on renewable energy. This was one of the easy tasks, says Carolin Kohl.
  • Get on your bike!

Long before the ESG report and carbon mapping took place, the colleagues at IT Sonix have been leaving their cars at home to use their bikes instead. – Back in 2012 we started a competition to get more people to use their bikes instead of polluting cars to commute, and in their daily lives, says Anne Schüßler. – Around 50% of all our employees take part in this competition each year and those participating are awarded with prices like a backpack or a jacket, and at the end of the bike-season we celebrate our results with a social get-together, Anne adds. 2018 is so far the best year with 63010 km registered!


Anne Schüßler and Carolin Kohl
Anne Schüßler and Carolin Kohl are sustainability ambassadors at Data Respons company, IT Sonix

Contribution to reforestation

This year the active colleagues want to do something more than avoid CO2 from cars, they want to actively give back. Per 1000 km biked, the company will plant a tree in damaged forests around Germany. They have teamed up with the climate partner organization “Plant My Tree TM” who are responsible for numerous reforestation projects across Germany. – We want to actively participate in reforestation projects locally and contribute to eco positive storage of CO2, says Carolin Kohl. Find out more about Plant My Tree and their work.

This is IT Sonix

IT Sonix is situated in Leipzig with 125 employees. The company is leading niche providers of specialist services and SW technology (Java, Embedded, Cloud and AI) specifically aimed at “Connected Car” solutions, internet of things, mobile services and embedded applications.

They have been active in telematics, communication and project management for more than 15 years specialising in agile software development for client-server, mobile applications and on-boar units. The company are deeply involved in the ongoing digital transition for some of the leading automotive brands in Germany, some of the world’s most dynamic and R&D intensive industries.

More carbon footprint actions at IT Sonix:

  • All flights in 2020 will be compensated (retroactively and in the future)
  • Mandatory use of recycled paper
  • Digitalise processes: Time sheets for students/freelancers
  • Replace milk with plant based milk alternative
  • Enhanced waste sorting
  • Pay attention to sustainability in new purchases and marketing materials