IT Sonix, a Data Respons company, wins contract to develop platform for renewable energy trading

IT Sonix have been awarded a contract worth 2,5 million euros for developing the software for an international online platform that enables B2B energy trading.

  • Published: 20. January 2021
  • Company: IT Sonix
Wind turbines in the horizon
  • This is a perfect example on how software is conquering the world and at the same time making it a better place. This project enables more efficient use of sustainable energy production, which is an important step to limit global warming, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO in Data Respons.

IT Sonix is working on the software development which will allow any energy producer of a certain range to sell their energy to the international market. As energy technology becomes cheaper it becomes easier for anyone to install a wind, water, biogas or solar based system that creates electricity for a household, a farm, an office building and so on.

Hence developing a platform where excess energy can be bought and sold is an important step for a more sustainable world. And it’s an important piece in enabling the smart grid concept which makes much better use of the energy infrastructure.

This project is especially environmentally friendly as only sustainable energy sources are accepted on the platform.

  • This is a project that lets 15 of our specialists use every tool in our toolbox to deliver a state-of-the-art platform with integrated security and a great user experience, says Andreas Lassmann, managing director in IT Sonix.
  • Furthermore, it’s a project that serves a higher purpose, which is to connect all small sustainable energy producers to the international energy market, concludes Lassmann.

About IT Sonix

IT SONIX is situated in Leipzig with 150 employees. The companies are leading niche providers of specialist services and SW technology (Java, C#, Embedded, Cloud and AI) specifically aimed at “Connected Car” and energy solutions, internet of things, mobile services and embedded applications.

They have been active in telematics, communication, energy and project management for more than 15 years specialising in agile software development for client-server, mobile applications and on-board units. The companies are deeply involved in the ongoing digital transition for some of the leading automotive brands in Germany, some of the world’s most dynamic and R&D intensive industries.

IT Sonix have been part of the Data Respons Group since 2018.

About Data Respons

Data Respons is a pure-play digital leader with an in-depth expertise in software development, R&D services, advanced embedded systems and IoT solutions. The number of blue-chip customers is increasing, and Data Respons expects this trend to continue going forward. The trends of increased automation, digitalisation and ‘everything connected’ (IoT) fit well with both the Data Respons’ business units and competence map. We develop everything, from the sensor level to the mobile app, making it an ideal partner for its customers in their digital transition.

The company has a highly diversified customer portfolio in industries such as the Mobility sector, Telecom & Media, MedTech, Security, Space & Defence, Energy & Maritime, Finance & Public and Industrial Automation.

Data Respons is headquartered in Oslo (Norway) and has a strong portfolio of clients in the Nordic region and in Germany, supported by 1,400 software & digital specialists. Data Respons has achieved an 17% annual growth over the last 20 years.