Personal safety vs. personal integrity

A report on the Swedes’ opinions regarding technology, progress and safety. Produced by Sylog AB, a Data Respons company.

  • Published: 9. December 2020
  • Company: Sylog
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This investigation shows that nearly eight in ten Swedes want to see more cameras on streets and in town squares.

At the same time, a full 87 per cent of respondents don’t want their movement patterns being registered so that companies can take a look at them.

However, it is possible to develop surveillance processes that only react when something out of the ordinary happens using AI technology. When someone behaves unusually, the police or someone else can investigate in more detail. Meaning the rest of us “normals” don’t have to have our behaviour registered.

With this report, we can confirm that many people are concerned about personal safety, but also worried about ideas of integrity. This will become an ever more important part of our digital society.