Reducing waste with smart reverse vending

TOMRA is the world leader in the field of reverse vending, with over 82,000 installations across more than 60 markets.


The concept of “reverse vending” is spreading rapidly in the world – and as a leading player, TOMRA is growing in line with demand.

Data Respons has assisted TOMRA in developing reverse vending machines for more than 12 years. We are proud to partner up on solutions which reduces plastic waste and greenhouse emissions.

Data Respons R&D Services is helping TOMRA develop a reverse vending machine for a new market, mainly with software (SW steering motors, camera sensors Graphical User Interface) and hardware development.

TOMRA makes vending machines for collection and recycling of aluminium cans, glass and plastic bottles. With over 82,000 installations in more than 60 countries the installations collect 35 billion used empty bottles every year. And the greenhouse gas emissions that are prevented are equal to the emissions from two million cars that each drive 10,000 kilometres.

Data Respons specialists helped TOMRA develop a new reverse vending machine that will be launched in a completely new market. Our team have written software that controls motors, camera sensors and GUI on the machine.

In addition to software development Data Respons has also worked on hardware, and the focus have been to support the engineers at TOMRA with troubleshooting and testing of various circuit boards and hardware systems used in TOMRA’s pawn machines.

One million plastic bottles are bought every minute worldwide. 50% is recycled. There is an enormous potential in reducing plastic waste by bringing reverse vending to new parts of the world. The TOMRA RVM’s already collect 35 billion bottles annually, reducing greenhouse emissions equal to two million cars travelling 10 000 km.