Six months into Data Respons France

We’ve had the chance to check in with Data Respons Frances’ General Manager, Guillaume Wolf, to see how it’s going 6 months after starting up a new office in Paris. Not only did the company launch during a global pandemic, but the Data Respons brand was also introduced into a new market – both of which represent a few challenges.

  • Published: 21. June 2021
Cityscape of Paris with the Eiffel tower during the Blue hour before sunrise. The Rouelle bridge is on the right.

What ’s new since the last time we spoke?

The last 6 months have been very exciting for Data Respons France. The team has grown with talented specialists, we moved into a new office space in Paris’ business center – and we’ve had the opportunity to work on some really engaging and forward leaning projects.

When we asked you 6 months ago, you said you were very well received in the market, do you still have the same impression?

Photo of Guillaume Wolf
Data Respons Frances’ General Manager, Guillaume Wolf.

Yes, that hasn’t changed a bit. Even though the brand isn’t well known in France we are still entering the market from a great position. We can provide full project development, high level knowledge in programing, development, and consulting. The fact that we can take on a full project for our customers, has had a very positive response.

How has it been launching the company in the middle of a global pandemic?

Operating in the field of business that we are, we’re fortunate with the fact that we’re not dependent of being in the office, and that we can conduct “business as usual” from our homes.

Of course, for a business to succeed it’s important to get customers as well as recruiting talented employees. With a competitive advantage from our placement in the market, I still knew it was going to be hard work to get us up on our feet. But one challenge that I didn’t see coming was how hard it’s been communicating with clients and potential customers. When you can’t communicate in person and everything boils down to emails back and forth, instead of the usual elevator pitch. But I think the business world is evolving and becoming more digital because of the pandemic, giving us a great opportunity since our mission is to digitalize France.

On the recruitment side of things, we’ve been able to hire some truly talented specialists, and we’re now a solid team. As people know, there is a shortage of software developers in Europe these days, and those already employed won’t risk their current positions for something new in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

A small part of the team, just after arriving to their new office at “La Défense”, which is the business district in Paris.

Can you tell us about any of the exciting projects that you’re currently working on?

One of our projects is working with insurance, and we’re working on increasing the efficiency of their digital factory. They’ve been using old technology for a long time, and we’re able to help them over to a more agile system with the help of the resources across the Data Respons Group.

How has the Data Respons family helped Data Respons France as a start-up?

To answer this, I need to point out two main points: There is the financial aspect and the credibility of 1500 Data Respons specialists spread across Europe. Using the Data Respons business cases, shows what we’ve done in other countries, as well as it’s a great opportunity to make bridges between the countries.

Our main target is to make France digital, and I think by showcasing what the Data Respons brand stands for, it has helped us a lot as a start-up. As well as giving us the financial safety net we need to secure customers in such difficult times.

What are the goals for Data Respons France in the coming months?

We have come a long way in the last months, but as a start-up it’s still a long way to go. One of the goals for the future is to grow the team to a total of 30 people, making us more prepared for bigger projects and giving us a more dependent foothold here in France. We’re going to keep working on our position in the market and slowly but steady increase our profitability, by making France digital – step by step.