The industry is running at the highest gear

The Danish high-tech companies are racing off for full blasting. So does the consulting industry. Gilad Mizrahi’s first 6 months as Directing Manager of TechPeople have offered lots of challenges and new learning. And it’s going fast, we should say.

The state of the market is such that the companies’ need for consultants is really great. We get many inquiries from our customers and we make a great effort to find suitable people for them. But it should be no secret that finding consultants is a challenge. Demand is simply greater than supply.

Photo of Gilad Mizrahi
Gilad Mizrahi, Directing Manager of TechPeople

Therefore, we work with various initiatives to access more consultants, both in Denmark and abroad, says Gilad and points out that there is a need for software people in all disciplines. Not least expertise in C++ is in high demand and so is expert knowledge within Bluetooth and DSP. Specialists in mechanics are also urgently needed, as well as experienced project managers.

Stronger sourcing

To meet the high demand, TechPeople is working to strengthen its sourcing department. Gilad and his team will devote even more effort to finding suitable candidates, both in Denmark and abroad. Especially when it comes to foreign consultants, there is a lot of work to be done in finding the right profiles and ensuring that they have the right qualifications. TechPeople is also aiming to strengthen its Aarhus office to find even more good consultants for their West Danish customers.

Continued relocation plans

In addition, relocation plans continue to be made. Already at the turn of the year, Gilad, who is also director of Data Respons Solution Denmark, began the search for a domicile with a common entrance and reception. The right premises have not yet been found, but at present the two companies have already started to share a number of administrative functions. However, cooperation will only be internal. Externally, there will be no change. Each retains its own identity and business focus.

Busy and exciting

All in all, Gilad has had an intense first half as newly appointed TechPeople directing manager.

I have previously worked as both developer and project manager in the predecessor of TechPeople, Embedit. Now, as Directing Manager, I get new perspectives on the company. I gradually get further and deeper into the management task and get to know both clients and consultants better and better, says Gilad, who expects the record level of activity in the first half of 2021 to continue throughout the year.

This article was first posted on TechPeople’s homepage