• 2020 Integrated Report

    Another all-time high across the board

    Data Respons continued its long-term growth, making 2020 the year that marks 20% growth for 20 consecutive years, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons.


A thriving growth company

2020 was also another strong year for Data Respons generating record revenue and profitability, leveraging on the top performance across the board from sales, operations and our specialist engineers’ teams.

Our company is involved in all the mega trends that are really changing the play of every industry you can imagine. Making data driven products and services means you need to have expertise and experience from the sensor level to the final app on your mobile.

Big potential in being part of AKKA Technologies

We used 2020 to find our place in the AKKA universe and were able to launch Data Respons France in October. An operation based in Paris that envisions to capitalise on AKKA’s reach and position while offering every service from the Data Respons family.

As both companies better understand each other it becomes easier to find those sweets spots where there is an opening to capitalise on strengths and grow new business. Within this context there is a big potential to combine AKKA’s footprint with Data Respons’ digital skill sets. Our goal is simply to be a global and leading player within industrial digitalization.

Sustainability though technology

Data Respons yearly maps the number of customer projects that have a positive and direct effect on the UN Sustainability goals. Every year we see an increase in the number of relevant customer projects. 2020 set another record in this dimension as we have countless customers projects that are all making a positive difference.

For instance, our daughter companies have helped windmills produce more energy through better software. Enabled car sharing and smarter car chargers. In addition to that we have reduced the fuel needed in both trains and trucks, and we have developed first aid technology that saves lives on a regular basis.