• Mobility

    Smarter, safer and more sustainable transportation

The transport and automotive industry is undergoing the largest transformation in several decades driven by multiple new disruptive technologies combined with stricter safety and environmental requirements. Innovation and technology advances are making the industry more advanced with additional sensors, more embedded software and increased demand for data processing. Furthermore, the introduction of always-connected vehicles are enabling a broad range of new value adding services.

Data Respons is a niche supplier of specialist development services and high-tech solutions to several leading players in the transport and automotive industry. We have extensive experience in developing smarter, connected and digital software and hardware solutions supporting the ongoing transformation of the automotive industry and improving logistics efficiency.


Connected cars on the road by 2025


Per car by 2020


Fleet management systems in
active use in Europe


  • Digitalisation of the cockpit and infotainment systems of cars and trucks
  • SW and solutions for connected car, autonomous driving and car sharing systems
  • IoT and SW solutions for automated asset/fleet management systems
  • Communication systems for non-disrupted internet access on trains
  • Fanless computer and safety-critical SW solutions for vehicle applications
  • Embedded SW solutions for integrative cloud-based platform as well as the back-end communication, mobile services and the related interfaces
  • System for optimising fuel efficiency in public transportation
  • R&D IT services and system integration assisting all phases of the full software development cycle
  • Software for electronic fare collection, fleet management and POS/POI systems
  • CAT Measurement Technologies and Testing Services
  • Advanced telematics and logistics solutions for cars and trucks
  • IoT based mobile and web services to manage logistics processes and the economic efficiency of vehicles
  • Obstacle-tracking systems for aircrafts
  • Interactive mobile multimedia systems
  • Robust digital signage for public transportation