Meet the growth
    in demand for data

The across industry trend of a more data driven, smarter and connected society is challenging existing telecom infrastructure to provide connectivity, bandwidth and standard protocols supporting new services. The ongoing investment in 5G technology and networks is the key foundation for broader roll out of new value adding IoT applications.

Data Respons is a niche supplier of specialist development and test services supporting players throughout the entire value chain in developing next generation networks (e.g. 5G and cellular IoT) and leveraging new service opportunities from these networks. We also have broad experience in developing customised IoT endpoints, infrastructure and applications ensuring a trusted security chain.


More mobile data volume enabled in 5G
compared to 4G networks


Increase in smartphone traffic globally
from 2015 to 2021


Connected IoT devices by 2020


Software and solutions for networks access (5G, 4G, Celluar IoT, Radio)

Infrastructure and system solutions for mobile networks and satellite broadband

IoT endpoints (sensors & actuators), IoT infrastructure (Routers & Gateways), IoT security systems

Software-heavy cloud infrastructure for connectivity solutions

Integrated Telematics platforms and mobile services platforms and applications

Solutions and platforms for digital services, cloud infrastructure and IoT Software and applications

JAVA Virtual Machines for embedded applications in Telecommunication


Media gateways, Voice over IP, video streaming and digital signage

High-volume portable accessories for M2M solutions, music and imaging

Secure communication for control of air traffic, shipping and public transportation