Enabling the young through chess

Data Respons has, fourth year running, signed an agreement for supporting the international chess championship, Stockholm Chess Challenge for young talents.

Photo: Lars OA Hedlund. Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, Åsa Grübb-Weinberg with FM Jung Min Seo


– It is important for Data Respons to help enable young people to grow their talent and create arenas for them to prosper, says CEO of Data Respons, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen. The Stockholm Chess Challenge is the perfect place and maybe we will discover the next Magnus Carlsen, Ragnvaldsen continues.

The agreement runs over three years and is a part of Data Respons focus on sustainability and enabling young people. We have companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, all participating at various levels to create opportunities for young people in academic, sport or social terms.

Another important reason why we are engaged in this championship is the type of skills the chess players use that are very similar to those we are looking for in our specialists at Data Respons. We want people who are able to focus, think analytically and tactically and who has stamina and courage, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen.

The international chess event, organised by the Stockholm’s Chess Society and the Stockholm’s Chess Federation, is held between April 26 and May 1 simultaneously with the chess event “Business for Integration” co-sponsored by Data Respons. The tournament is open for all players born in 1994 or later and with a minimum rating of 2200 ELO.

Photo: Lars OA Hedlund. FM Jung Min Seo during the 2018 championship

– Stockholm Chess Challenge is a unique opportunity for young talented chess players to develop and take the next step in their career, says Ted Gemzell, Chairman of the Swedish Chess Federation. – In a time that requires increasingly advanced knowledge for development and sustainability, the chess game is a tool for creating smarter individuals regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or disability. Chess is for everyone! Swedish chess is very happy and grateful that Data Respons contributes to the opportunity for young talent to continue developing a smarter world!

– Sustainability is of increasing importance both in Sweden and globally. Data Respons has chosen to enable young people to grow their talent and prosper through chess. On behalf of all chess organizations in Sweden we are extremely pleased to be part of this future-oriented vision, says Tony Apéria from the Swedish Chess Academy.