Data Respons and Sylog welcomes you to our event, Smarter Solutions. Come share an evening of technology, innovation and fun with us. Talk tech, mingle and listen in on industry experts speak about the opportunities and challenges in a digitalised, connected and automated world.

When & Where
9. March 2017, 18.00 pm
Scandic Victoria Tower, Kista

What happens
Technical Seminars, mingling
Food & beverage

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  • Mattias Lundholm, Scania CV AB:

    Connectivity and Digitalisation
    in the transport industry

  • Marcus Murray, TrueSec

    Cybercrime 2017
    – A live demo!

  • Hendrik Höfer, MicroDoc

    IoT Security; the good, the bad
    and the ugly


Kenneth Ragnvaldsen
CEO, Data Respons ASA

Smarter Solutions – in a connected, digitalised and automated world  

The trend with increased automation, digitalisation and eve­rything connected (IoT) fit well with both of the company’s business units and competence map. We can develop anything from sensor level to the mobile app, making us a good partner for our customers with their digital transition.


Mattias Lundholm
VP Connected Services & Solutions, Scania CV AB

Connectivity and Digitalisation in the transport industry

Lundholm will reflect on the vast opportunities and/or demands we face within the transportation industry. Previously products (Hardware) were a central focus area for Scania and the target was to get as many trucks and buses on the market and support them with vehicle related services.

However, in an emerging digital ecosystem it is more about using resources and flows efficiently, than for instance market share for vehicle registrations. This shift allow opportunities for new business models to be put in practice. Who survives, and what does it take to survive?


Marcus Murray
Security Team Manager, TrueSec.

Cybercrime 2017 – A live demo!

In this eye-opening session, Marcus Murray will perform a live demonstration on how hackers attack your IT-systems and steal your digital assets!

Murray will explain what the threat-landscape looks like today, how the attackers penetrate your network, how they make their attacks undetectable from conventional antivirus and evade IDS solutions, how they expand their initial foothold to complete domain compromise and finally how they obtain their goal and exfiltrate your data.


Hendrik Höfer
CTO/Co-founder, MicroDoc Computersysteme GmbH

IoT Security, the good, the bad and the ugly

Höfer will walk you through some of the more recent security breaches in connected IoT systems and the lessons we learned so far. It will make the point that complying to, and using existing standards is a way better approach than developing proprietary solutions



Rickard Olsson
Master of Ceremonies

Rickard Olsson’s breadth of expertise, his ability to reflect, be witty, entertaining and interesting, makes him the ideal candidate to guide us through the evening.



Industrial IoT and digitalisation
Opportunities & challenges

  • Do you? Five participants will be given the chance to participate in a
    simultaneous chess game against a chess Grand Master.

    Data Respons loves chess