On Own Feet

Data Respons has a 20 year long relationship with the humanitarian organisation “On Own Feet”, which works with children in war-torn countries.

Since 1998 Data Respons has cooperated with the humanitarian organisation “On Own Feet”, which works with children in war-torn countries. The founder and general manager of the movement is Bela Gran Jensen.

Examples of supported projects

  • Helped providing equipment and 20 tons of childrens clothing to Syrian refugees in Zaatari, Jordan and in Bulgaria.
  • Contributed to the reconstruction and equipping of the first Centipede school:  Hamid Karzani  school in central Pol-e Alam, Logar, Afganistan
  • Working on a project to provide running water to five schools:  Logar, Afghanistan.
  • Obsterical kits for midwifes and doctors: Logar, Afganistan
  • Sports and teaching equipment to the children from Logar in Afghanistan and provided the children with firewood for the winter.
  • Helped repair the swimming pool in the Psychiatric Hospital for Children in Oparany in the Czech Republic.
  • Equipment to a school for weak-eyed and blind children in the Czech Republic.