High-End Industrial Food and Pharma Panel PC

15"/17"/19" Industrial Panel PC with stainless steel housing (IP65, panel mount)


Modular high-end Industrial panel PC with complete closed stainless steel housing (IP65). The stainless steel housing (IP65 from all sides) is made to meet requirements for the chemical- and food industries as well as the high hygienic sensitive productionareas such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Technical Specifications

  • Modular high-end Industrial-PC with complete closed stainless steel housing (IP65)
  • Durable and error-free even under critical environmental conditions
  • Fast data input via touchscreen
  • Various input and reader devices (Legic , RFID etc.) and Scanner are connectable
  • Wireless-LAN integrable
  • Expandable with two PCIe-Slots (1 x PCIe ; 1 x Mini PCIe)
  • Passive cooling concept without ventilation-slot and without fan
  • Stainless steel -housing with especially surface, protected all around