IMT-BT Industrial, rugged mobile tablet

10.1 Industrial Tablet with Dual-core Intel® Celeron® Processor N2807


IMT-BT is an industrial, rugged mobile tablet, integrating the dual-core Intel® Celeron® processor N2807 for high performance computing power. Built-in WLAN or optional WWAN connectivity enables the IMT-BT to easily access information from a wide variety of industrial and commercial settings. An IP65 rating and 1.5 meter drop resistance (with optional rubber housing)support significantly ruggedized construction to withstand the most demanding environments.

The IMT-BT holds its own next to consumer tablets, with a 10.1″ capacitive touchscreen and built-in megapixel cameras on the front and rear. Ruggedized with an IP65 rating, the IMT-BT easily withstands drops from 1.5m (with optional protective housing). The display is protected by ultra-strong Gorilla Glass, making it virtually impervious to damage, able to flex when dropped without shattering or scratching.

IMT-BT supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac for maximum wireless speed. The data-only modem accommodates optional high-speed 3.5G HSPA+ or 4G LTE cellular connections. In office or outside, WLAN and WWAN connectivity support speedy reception and processing, and sunlight readability allows easy viewing in the field.

The IMT-BT is equipped with an NFC reader/writer and supports recognition of RFID tags (13.56 MHz). A SAM (Secure Access Module) is standard, enabling communication of encrypted data for applications requiring higher levels of security.

Technical Specifications

  • Dual-core Intel® Celeron® Processor N2807 SoC @ 1.58GHz
  • Operating Systems:Windows Embedded 8.1 ; Android 4.4.2 (available Q2 2016)
  • 10.1 sunlight readable display, capacitive touchscreen
  • Wireless Connectivity:WLAN: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac;WPAN: Bluetooth 4.0;WWAN (optional): 3.5G HSPA+, 4G LTE
  • GPS, E-compass, G-sensor
  • Data Capture: HF 13.56MHz NFC RFID, SAM encryption supported
  • IP65 rating and 1.5m drop resistance (with optional protective rubber housing)
  • Optional accessories include: protective rubber housing, vehicle dock and office dock