NMCB-101C Serial-Ethernet Converter

NMCB101C Industrial Wi-Fi Serial/Ethernet Device Server


Serial-Ethernet Converter, NMCB-101C, harnesses IoT data from standalone serial devices, fostering the development of value-added IoT applications. To take advantage of long-established serial devices across industries, the device is designed to retrieve data from existing sensors, meters, and detectors and release hidden values in data, aimed at advancing IoT applications in healthcare, building automation, smart city, and more.

To enable field data to be put to good use, the NMCB-101C can pull data from a wide array of serial devices and share the data to the cloud. The converter has an RS-232 and micro USB port to harvest serial data, and provides network connectivity via wired LAN and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connections. The expansion of ZigBee, Bluetooth, and MQTT communication is also supported through the built-in UART interface. By the function, to convert RS232 signal into Wi-Fi or Ethernet through the NMCB-101C, which achieves the purpose of application in IoT and Industry 4.0.

Technical Specifications

  • Industrial Wi-Fi serial/Ethernet device server
  • Support transparent mode
  • Web-based configuration
  • 9600~115200 bps baud rate for RS-232 transmissions
  • Secure data access with WPA, WPA2
  • 1 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet port
  • 2.5 Kv single isolation
  • Support 5V DC input with Micro USB connector
  • LED indicators