Telematics IoT gateway for fleet management

FMS 1000 is a well-integrated telematics IoT gateway to provide all crucial “Big Data” for more efficient fleet operation and management.

telematics IoT Gateway


The data provided by FMS 1000 give users the capability of real-time remote diagnostics, vehicle tracking/mapping (asset management), trend analysis, driver performance analysis and operational record-keeping. Rugged FMS 1000 with IP-67 protection and back-up battery especially is designed for heavy equipment industries such as off-highway vehicles where 24/7 non-stop, real-time overview of their fleet is highly evaluated.

Integrated WWAN and WLAN functions enable wireless connectivity to send data directly to operators. A large capacity of internal USB Flash storage can be used as standalone data logger. Dual CAN Bus 2.0B and other I/O functions are supported through user-friendly configuration screen via Ethernet. If any shock impacts are detected by accelerometer, FMS 1000 can automatically send SMS message and inform operators as alarm.

With the addition of sensor connectivity such as tire sensor, fleet operators can gain a full range of tire-performance data, including real-time tire pressure and temperature readings, allowing operators to further increase safety, efficiency and productivity.


 Technical SpecificationsTelematics IoT Gateway IO

  • 1 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • 3G WWAN and WLAN support
  • Rugged IP67 protection
  • Back up rechargeable battery
  • Voice & SMS communication
  • 2 x CAN Bus 2.0B
  • Driver identification support (iButton & RFID)
  • Support optional USB storage as data logger