Data Respons delivers consultancy services,
    R&D development projects and experienced specialists
    with extensive industry knowledge

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Hire an R&D specialist or a complete team!


Our highly experienced specialists have a broad range of expertise from various disciplines and can cover all parts of the development cycle. Data Respons’ unique business model enable customers to choose a form of collaboration that suits their needs. We can provide a complete competency platform during a development project with the knowledge from our R&D specialists.


Get on-demand access to high-end technical expertise as well as well proven agile methodology when you need to scale up your development project or complement your existing R&D team.


Our development specialists work as an extension of your in house team offering flexibility and cost effectiveness. We bring extensive industrial knowledge and skills according to your project needs and transparency through dynamic and agile work models.


Data Respons has the resources to start new projects immediately. We bring more than 30 years of experience with 800+ talented specialists who has both the technology skills you need and the appropriate industrial knowledge. This allows your company to be more agile and bring projects faster to your customers.

Complete technology house

Data Respons can develop everything from sensor level to the app, making us a good partner for our customers with their digital transition. We can provide a complete competency platform during a development project. Our engineers specialise in understanding the environmental challenges and demands of our customers products on top of being best-in-class within their technical disciplines. This combination of experience and knowledge is the foundation that makes us specialists on embedded development.

In depth industry knowledge

Servicing a diverse range of customers requires in-depth industry knowledge and an understanding of the conditions and markets our customers deal with. Data Respons has more than 30 years of industry experience and can provide a high level of competence within our customers challenges such as environmental standards and certification processes. Our teams have experience from automobile industries to medical and healthcare technology allowing us to bring a complete competency platform into your projects.

Dynamic and agile methodology

Our specialists teams use a dynamic work model based on both documented procedures as well as tacit knowledge to ensure workflow, productivity and transparency. Its a model that has developed from the inside that aims to balance the relationship between quality, functionality, time and cost in a development project.


>   Engineering consultancy

>   Project management 

>   Custom software development

>   IoT application development

>   Java (TM)

>   Software development

>   End to end development

>   UX/UI design 

>   Embedded software 

>   Application security 

>   Electronic and hardware development

>   DevOps as-a-service 

>   Atlassian Confluence ® / Atlassian Jira ®

>   Mechanical design 

>   Test and quality


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