• Specialist Services

    Our engineers specialise in understanding the
    environmental challenges and demands of our
    customers products on top of being best-in-class
    within their technical disciplines.

Strengthen your development team

Data Respons strengthens the customer’s development team by making our specialists’ expertise and experience available in the customer’s own environment. Our teams have experience from challenging projects for clients within the oil and gas sector, telecommunications, defense, medical, maritime and other industries. Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations and strenghten their competitive power by delivering R&D projects on time, on cost, with the correct functionality and the right quality.

In-house R&D projects

Data Respons develops the customer’s product on our own premises, and we place our development model, expertise and efficient project management tools at the disposal of the customer. This ensures efficient product development and minimises the risk of errors.

Strategic partner

As a strategic partner we collaborate very closely with our customer. Both parties are focused on achieving common, strategic goals. This means that we also invest in joint development, for example by investing in new platforms, technologies, resources, expertise and facilities.


Our specialists are carefully selected from the top engineering institutions in Norway and abroad. We pride ourselves in giving our developers the best learning environment possible, making sure knowledge is passed on from our senior engineers to the newly educated ones.

Dynamic methodology

Our specialists teams use a dynamic work model based on both documented procedures as well as tacit knowledge. Its a model that has developed from the inside that aims to balance the relationship between quality, functionality, time and cost in a development project.