Smart radon detector helps reduce the risk of lung cancer

According to the Norwegian Cancer Society (NSC) radon is a contributing cause of 370 cancer cases in Norway each year, being the second most common cause of cancer next to smoking. The Norwegian technology company Airthings have created a range of smart real time radon detectors which let you monitor your fluctuating radon levels over time.

Smart detectors allows for continuous measurement of fluctuating radon levels, compared to the traditional ways of using charcoal meters you had to have analysed in a lab. Measuring radon digitally and continuously is typically more accurate and reliable. The data provides a richer understanding of the levels of gas in your property, so that you can take more effective action if needed. The detectors plays an important role in decreasing the number of radon-related cancer cases.

Specialists from Data Respons R&D Services contributed with expert SW knowledge throughout the product range.


SDG 3: The solution help homeowners and businesses detect rises in radon levels enabling them to take necessary action early to protect themselves from exposure leading to cancer.