Record year for Data Respons

- Our strong position within industrial digitalisation and IoT gave record results in 2016. The positive development internationally in combination with a strong momentum in R&D Services made revenues pass a billion, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons ASA.

Operating revenue for the fourth quarter was NOK 301.6 million (268.2), a growth of 12 %. EBITDA amounted to NOK 25.5 million (14.4), and profit before tax was NOK 24.2 (10.1). Net operating cash flow was NOK 46.5 million (18.9). The order intake for the quarter was NOK 334 million (252).

Operating revenue for the year was NOK 1 039.6 million (963.6), a growth of 8 %. EBITDA was NOK 74.4 million (58.5), and profit before tax was NOK 68.8 (48.5). Net operating cash flow was NOK 79.4 million (49.4). The order intake for the period was NOK 1 129 million (941). The group’s order backlog at the end of the quarter was NOK 781 million (690).

Good inflow of new assignments
– We experience a strong development in the R&D Services segment with a growth of 37 % in 2016. Data Respons has had a good inflow of new assignments and innovative projects, which provided a high utilisation and improved profit margin both in Norway and internationally. To succeed in a technology driven world, you need access to highly skilled specialists. Our employees get to develop tomorrow’s solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, which is both exciting and offers a unique advantage when recruiting.

Increased focus on product development
The world gets more digitalised, automated and connected. For both established and new customers this means greater focus on new development and upgrades of their products, platforms and systems. This fits well with our competence profile and provides strong growth opportunities for Data Respons, says Ragnvaldsen.

Expect a good development ahead 
– In 2016, Data Respons had good revenue growth, order intake, improved profitability and a healthy cash flow. On this basis, for the fourth straight year, the Board of Directors propose a dividend of NOK 1.00 per share. The positive development in R&D Services compensate the demanding conditions in the Maritime and the Oil & Gas related markets. Overall, the group has high activity levels and a solid order reserve, which provides a good foundation for 2017, Ragnvaldsen concludes.