Scanning for epilepsy using smartphones

The Danish company BrainCapture have created a solution that can scan the brain using an electrode head-cap, a recording unit and a smartphone app! The Data Respons subsidiary, TechPeople assisted BrainCapture with hardware development.

The system consist of a head-cap cap filled with electrode sensors, a small recording unit that receives and sends the signals recorded from the cap and a smartphone app which receives the data and sends it to a cloud based diagnostic software.

Consultants from TechPeople, worked on the recording unit that communicates with the cap and the smartphone app.

Read more about the BrainCapture project (Danish)



Around 1% of the world population suffer from Epilepsy, yet people living in development countries do not have access to the necessary scanning equipment to get a diagnose. In the West African country Guinea 12 million people share one EEG machine and three neurologists. With solutions like BrainCapture you can make expensive scanning facilities remote and available