AI, Analytics & Data Science

Making sense of every data driven product, process and service.

AI, Analytica & Data Science

Data Respons enables the ability to share knowledge and explore industrial data – together. By using AI and data science to collect, analyse and interpret we can help you turn data into better decisions in real-time.

We offer experience and knowledge in technologies such as advanced analytics, reporting, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, integration, and data governance. Our specialists can develop data driven solutions that can help your business by understanding your big data and visualize it so that it can benefit every aspect of your business model.

Our Specialists

Photo of Dirk Frobese

Dirk Frobese

Managing Director | Frobese

Photo og Florian Öhlschlegel

Florian Öhlschlegel

Managing Director | MicroDoc

Photo of Heidi Sauer

Heidi Sauer

Managing Director | EPOS CAT

Photo of Tommy Vanman

Tommy Vanman

Managing Director | Techpeople