Connectivity (IoT & 5G)

Connecting every asset to the future

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The world is becoming more and more connected in every way, and it’s important that you stay on top of current and future challenges. Not only is the technology more feature rich, but it is also more secure and cost-efficient than anything we’ve seen before in terms of IoT platforms.

Data Respons deliver solutions and services that work together with external devices and complex ecosystems. We have more than 30 years’ experience in delivering IoT applications, and we provide complete security of data, compliance with industry standards and excellent scalability. We support our customers in connecting everything from autonomous trucks to the world’s smallest sensors.

Our Specialists

Photo of Johan Jacobsson

Johan Jacobsson

Managing Director | Sylog

Photo of Jørn Toppe

Jørn Toppe

Managing Director | Data Respons Solutions

Photo of Ivar A. Melhuus Sehm

Ivar A. Melhuus Sehm

Managing Director | Data Respons R&D Services