Ensuring scalable and cutting-edge operations

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With a long runtime of implementing the DevOps philosophies and practices you’re guaranteed to achieve the results you’re looking for. Not only does the implementing of the DevOps mindset result in high velocity delivery, but the room for errors decrease – resulting in both better applications and satisfied customers.

Our DevOps specialists enable automated builds, testing and deployments, as well as enabling innovation across applications. We improve the level of automation, quality of software, developer experience and the frequency of delivery without the disruption.

Establishing a well-functioning DevOps process is an opportunity to position yourself prominently in the market. And, to be one step ahead of your competitors through greater innovation, improved customer loyalty and higher employee satisfaction.

Our Specialists

Photo of Johan Jacobsson

Johan Jacobsson

Managing Director | Sylog

Photo of Dirk Frobese

Dirk Frobese

Managing Director | Frobese

Photo of Ediba Hastor

Ediba Hastor

Managing Director | Donat IT